COVID-19 Vaccination Centre

COVID-19 Vaccination Centre

[UPDATE: Our PPV has officially closed. For more information on the private COVID-19 vaccination programme, please drop us an email at ehs@nilaimc.com]

Nilai Medical Centre has been named as one of the 12 facilities to roll out Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, from 25 May 2021 onwards. Read on to understand more about the vaccination centre (PPV) and our role in facilitating the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK).


Registration for Vaccination

How do I register for vaccination at a private hospital?
– Register via MySejahtera app.
– COVID-19 JKJAV website (click “register now” to complete your registration – you’ll receive your confirmation within 48 hours if your registration goes through successfully)

Do I need to re-register at the vaccination centre if I have registered through the MySejahtera app?
No. Registering once via MySejahtera is sufficient.

How to reschedule my appointment? / Can I change my appointment time?
Yes, you may reschedule your appointment through the MySejahtera app. You will then have to wait for the new appointment to be scheduled, which is done automatically by MySejahtera if you have rescheduled, or did not turn up the appointment day.

Can I walk in to get the vaccine?
No. You will still need to register via the MySejahtera app or the JKJAV website.

However, you can walk into the facility should you need our help to register. Following that, you are still required to wait for the appointed schedule and notified through the MySejahtera app.

Do I need to follow my NRIC address when I register for my vaccine at a preferred hospital location?
Yes. You should fill in the address of your current home where you are situated, so it will be more convenient for you to travel to the vaccination centre.

Can I be placed on a waiting list?
No. The list of recipients is distributed by the government. We will not be able to place anyone on the wait-list, nor guarantee a spot for them. All individuals need to register through the MySejahtera app.

Can I choose Nilai Medical as the vaccine centre?
No. You would not be able to select a private hospital to receive the vaccine.

Vaccine Type

 What are the types of vaccines available?
There are multiple vaccine options available globally – these different vaccines are produced by different companies and have distinct characteristics in terms of their technology, effectiveness rate, how they are taken and stored, as well as the way they work.

However, Nilai Medical will not be able to disclose any information regarding the type of vaccines that will be administered to patients as the rights for vaccine distribution are based on the decision by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Rest assured, all vaccines registered in Malaysia are safe and effective.

Can I choose my vaccine?

No, you cannot choose a COVID-19 vaccine. Recipients need to adhere to the COVID-19 vaccine schedule using the stated brand according to the specified time period. All vaccines that are approved by the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (NPRA) are safe and efficacious to be used in Malaysia.

All vaccines are approved by the Ministry of Health.

Can I choose to decline the vaccination if I don’t want the type of vaccine?
Yes, you can choose to decline your appointment and be rescheduled; however, you are still unable to pre-select any vaccine type nor a COVID-19 vaccine centre.

How will the vaccine be taken?
Most of the currently-available vaccines have to be taken in two shots (a priming dose followed by a booster shot) to be effective. These two shots will be administered weeks apart – the actual duration depends on which vaccine you’ll be taking. Once you’ve gotten the vaccine shot, it will typically take a few weeks for your body to build immunity and protection against the COVID-19 virus.

 Preparing Self/ Others for Vaccination

What are some of the side effects that may occur?
Side effects are common upon getting vaccinated (they are proof that your body is building immunity) and typically only last for a couple of days, or at most a few weeks. They also vary based on individuals and should not be of huge concern. Here are some common side effects reported from those who have already taken the vaccine:

  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches
  • Chills
  • Redness, swelling, or pain around the injection site

What if I’m unsure about my decision? Can I talk to someone?
Yes, we have an onsite doctor available to consult and answer any of your concerns about the vaccination, during the counselling session.

What happens if I’m unwell after the vaccination?
Side effect monitoring / Side Effects Immunisation (AEFI) will be conducted through enhanced surveillance where vaccine recipients will be given scheduled notifications/reminders through the MySejahtera application to report on any AEFI they experience.

What are some of the preparations required before taking the vaccine? Do I need to fast from water and food?
Please remember to bring your Identification Card or Passport and your mobile phone as you are required to register using the MySejahtera app. This is very important, if not you will not be able to proceed with the vaccination.

No fasting is required before vaccination.

I’m allergic to Panadol. What other medication can I take to soothe the muscle aches or fever after getting vaccinated?
Do let the onsite doctor know about your medical conditions during the counselling session before the vaccination. The doctor will be able to advise you further on the appropriate medication that can be taken should you face any discomfort after the vaccination.

If a fever occurs nearing the second dose, what do I do? 
Please visit the nearest hospital or clinic to get a consultation from a doctor. You will probably be given medications to curb the fever. Rest assured, most people would feel better within two to three days after the vaccination.

 Is there a difference in taking the jab on different sides of the arms? What is the correct way?
Avoid taking the jab on your dominant arm as it will be sore a few days after the vaccination for most people.

Do I need a permit in case of a police roadblock because of MCO 3.0 to get vaccinated or make an appointment? 
No, you don’t need police permission to travel for vaccination. To proof your vaccination appointment, you may show the police the details on your MySejahtera app.