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Vaccination and Nilai Medical’s hope for a pandemic-free future

Vaccination and Nilai Medical's hope for a pandemic-free future

16th March 2021 marks a historic time for Nilai Medical Centre as the facility rolled-out its 1st phase of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. In this phase, about 160 staff members including medical consultants, nurses, housekeeping staff and security services were given the jab.


Meet the backbone of Nilai Medical’s COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force



A year into the pandemic of the COVID-19 disease, we have seen the global effort to develop and distribute an effective vaccine which has produced promising options. The journey before receiving the vaccines at the facility has been planned in months. It was a collaborative effort between Nilai Medical’s COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force and government sectors including the Ministry of Health and Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri, Negeri Sembilan.


“I can’t explain how relieved we are after the whole year of waiting for the arrival of the vaccine. It was a mix of nervous anticipation and excitement, to know that this could be the best chance to protect ourselves and our loved ones” enthused Dennis Ting, who is the Project Leader of Nilai Medical’s COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force.


Ms Choy Poh Mee, Nurse Educator and one of the task force members resonate the feeling of excitement. “We feel honoured to be involved in the national vaccination programme and at the same time, able to take off some load from the Ministry of Health. I sincerely hope that we could all return to our normal routine soon, one day. We are all very hopeful” she said.


Supporting the call for vaccination registration for the general public, Dennis stresses that it is extremely vital for Malaysians to enrol in the programme for us to finally achieve herd immunity and ultimately, eradicating the pandemic.



While the entire health care community is celebrating this historic moment, needless to say, the vaccination programme journey has been challenging yet a humbling one. From logistic issues to getting informed consents for vaccines, many hiccups were experienced, however; was a learning opportunity that lasts a lifetime.


“We are very thankful for all the support we have received to date. From the Ministry of Health to Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri, Negeri Sembilan, to our very own staff members who have been working relentlessly to ensure the success of this programme. Everyone has worked really hard bringing this programme to life,” said Ms Choy. “The Senior Management team at Nilai Medical has been our biggest motivator throughout the programme, and I am glad for the positive culture that we cultivate here. It’s definitely heart-warming and we are truly blessed, really.” Dennis happily concluded.