Cancer Assistance Programme


Over the years, our Cancer Centre of Excellence has established itself as a Cancer Centre of Excellence, offering comprehensive cancer treatment and its management by a highly experienced oncology team. The services range from screening for prevention, diagnostic for early detection, surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment, to palliative care.

Right here at Nilai Medical Centre, we truly understand that the cancer treatment journey can be physically and emotionally challenging to patient and family. Many patients also suffered from financial catastrophe, which hinders their decision to continue with treatment and affects the recovery rate. With NMCares, cancer patients can now enjoy a subsidised rate* for radiotherapy treatment, all within our facility.

What is NMCares?

NMCares is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Nilai Medical Centre to provide cancer assistance to cancer-stricken patients and families.

With a focus on creating access and removing barriers, promoting personal safety and reducing or eliminating financial burden, this programme aims to provide the support, education and empower individuals and families affected by cancer.

Under this programme, cancer patients will be entitled to radiotherapy treatment subsidy*, assisted by our team of experienced oncologists on the treatment plan including the treatment process and after-care guidance.

Who Can Apply?

NMCares is primarily initiated to help Malaysian cancer patients who are from low/middle income group and have financial issues.
To be eligible for this programme, patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Malaysian citizens.
  • Patients who are from the low or middle-income group, financially challenged or has insufficient insurance coverage.
  • Self-paying patients.
  • Applicable for patients seeking radiotherapy treatment only.

How Can I Apply?

To apply for NMCares, individuals would need to consult with our oncologists to establish a treatment plan first. Upon the recommendation of the most appropriate plan, both patient and family members would be advised on the treatment process and after-care therapy and will be given sufficient information about the costs incurred.

To apply, please provide supporting documents to our WeCare ambassadors or the Oncology nurse. Please prepare:

  1. Application forms duly completed and signed
  2. Latest EPF Statement OR
  3. Latest Income Tax Statement / EA Form OR
  4. Latest 3 month payslip OR
  5. Latest Bank Statement

The application process will take approximately 3-5 working days. Upon review and approval, our representative will contact you to advice on the next step.

Terms and Conditions

  • All fees paid prior to the start of treatment are non-refundable.
  • Subsidy entitlement varies subject to the personalised cancer treatment plan recommended by the consultant.
  • Nilai Medical Centre reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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