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Honouring our Nurses and Educators at Nilai Medical

Honouring our Nurses and Educators

They are among the first people we see when we wake up after surgery, and often they are the last people we see before we go to sleep during an overnight stay at the hospital. They are nurses, and they are the face of Care.


More than ever, the world can see how much nurses do to make a difference as the intensity of the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe has brought to light the hard and crucial work of nurses.


On 10th May 2021, the community of Nilai Medical Centre celebrated International Nurses Day, a special occasion dedicated to bringing attention to the essential work of nurses as part of the greater health care complex. But how does Nurses Day encourage nurse recognition?


Ms Sowena Jayasekera is a Nurse Educator at Nilai Medical Centre and she believes that it is extremely crucial for people to continue expressing their appreciation to all nurses around the world for their sacrifice and dedication all year round.

Sowena catching a quick break during the COVID-19 Vaccination Drive for Nilai Medical staff members’


None of us could have imagined, let alone predicted, that our world would be in the state it is now. We are in the midst of perhaps, the greatest crisis most of us have ever known. As a nurse educator, Sowena admits that encouraging and getting nurses to stay on track with the upcoming tasks faced by the healthcare industry is indeed challenging.


“From continuous curricular modification for example; transforming traditional classroom teaching to online teaching, to training the graduate nurses from the non- hospital-based institution; these are some of the challenges faced by nurse educators that requires a syllabus modification beyond just clinical aspects”.


“There are also psychological aspects that we need to consider as well. Such as to handle, support and educate each individual nurse to keep them aligned towards organisational visions and missions. This requires a whole lot of understanding on the studies of social cognition, as the nursing profession heavily involves social interactions not only with patients but also caregivers. This is where emotional intelligence (EQ) plays its role in preventing care erosion, or the gradual declining in care level in nurse practice which is now a visible challenge in the healthcare industry.” Said Sowena.


Getting ready for the Code Yellow drill


Hence, ongoing recognition and celebration not only can effectively showcase deep appreciation but can also positively impact employee morale. Work motivation is undeniably an important measure of a healthcare professional’s response to the increasing challenges and demands.


The aspiration should also not blossom only during Nurses Day, Sowena hoped. She gracefully shared her encouragement to all nurses to continuously remember and appreciate Ms Florence Nightingale for creating and introducing nursing as a worldwide recognised profession. “I also would like to appreciate and thank the first Muslim nurse from the gulf country Ms Rufaida Al Aslamiya for making the nursing profession as one of the important careers in the world of Islam in Pre-Islam and Islam Era (570-633 AD)” shared Sowena.


Nilai Medical Centre would like to wish all nurses a Happy Nurses Day, and to the sometimes-unsung Nurse Educators, a Happy Teacher’s Day. We thank you, and we appreciate you.


Click here to watch our International Nurses Day celebration video