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Heart Disease: It Can Happen At Any Age

Heart Disease: It Can Happen At Any Age

If you’re in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, you might believe that heart disease is something that you should not worry about right now. But the hard truth is heart attack can strike at any age. You are never too young or too old to have heart problems. While ageing has been established as one of the biggest risk factors for heart attacks for the last decade, a new trend has emerged where people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are becoming victims to cardiovascular attacks. Here’s what you need to know about key risk factors for heart problems in young adults.

What are some of the key factors of having a heart attack at a young age?

· Substance abuse or excessive alcohol use

· Smoking

· High blood pressure

· High cholesterol levels

· Lack of physical activity

· Diabetes

· Poor diet

Did you know?

Ischaemic heart diseases remained as the principal causes of death for Malaysians, [15.6%] followed by Pneumonia (11.8%), Cerebrovascular diseases (7.8%), Transport accidents (3.7%) and chronic lower respiratory diseases (2.6%).

*Ischaemic (or ischemic) heart disease is a disease characterized by the reduced blood supply to the heart.

What can you do?

It is time for us to lay down the groundwork for a better and healthier future. The first step is to set good habits for ourselves:

  • Stop smoking
  • Stay active
  • Aim for a healthy weight
  • Eat nutritious diets
  • Limit your alcohol intake

Making healthy lifestyle choices for your wellbeing is more important now than ever. Don’t let your heart gets old before its time. Whatever we can do; the earlier — the better.

What’s the next step?

Early screening helps in diagnosing and treating heart diseases. Nilai Medical Centre offers a Heart Screening Package priced at RM168 per person. 


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