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Heart attack in women: Know the signs

Heart attack in women: Know the signs

A heart attack is a life-threatening event caused by a disruption in the blood flow to the heart. It is a medical emergency; therefore it’s crucial to call immediate medical help if you think you might be having a heart attack.

According to MedicalNewsToday, it is less likely for women to survive their first heart attack than men. The symptoms vary between sexes, and women are more likely to experience a “silent” heart attack or display unusual symptoms.

What are some of the symptoms of a heart attack in women?

While not all people who have heart attacks share the same symptoms or severity of symptoms, one needs to stay mindful: With more signs and symptoms, the chance of having a heart attack heightens.

Although heart attacks may strike all of a sudden, many people have warning signs and symptoms prior to the attack.  These symptoms can appear hours, days or weeks in advance. Some will experience mild pain – while others may have more severe pain.

Other common heart attack signs and symptoms may also include:

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A heart attack is a serious and potentially fatal medical event that requires emergency treatment. It is important to identify any problems and take the necessary steps to intervene before a possible heart attack.

What’s the next step?

Early screening helps in diagnosing and treating heart diseases. Nilai Medical Centre offers a Heart Screening Package priced at RM168 per person.

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