2021, June, Upcoming Events

Health Talk: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Health Talk: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Last month, Nilai Medical conducted a Health Talk titled ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body!’ via Google Meet and was virtually attended by almost 140 participants from all various age groups and backgrounds. Interestingly, although the event was initially catered for university students, it is a no brainer that the topic of upholding physical and mental wellbeing especially during the pandemic is an area of focus embraced by all walks of life.


Organised by the Marketing Department of Nilai Medical, the event welcomed two notable speakers; Dr Sarfraz Bin Manzoor (Consultant Psychiatrist, Nilai Medical) discussing the topic on Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder & Depression and Dr Ng Wai Sheng, (Consultant Psychologist, Growing Space Psychology Center) who shared insights on 3 Secrets to Stronger Mental Health.


A human’s brain complicated wiring allows us to experience a wide range of emotions every single day. So how does the Mind-Body connection affect your health? Is there a way for you to control your mind and be the master of your own emotions? An important takeaway that could be derived from the session is to always be in charge of your physical and mental wellbeing by learning to notice your body signals.


 “There are a number of perspectives on mental health covered in the program, some I have only discovered through this event. The concepts are presented by experienced psychologists and psychiatrists. Information is presented in plain English and complex concepts are explained thoroughly. I have been trying to educate myself about my own mental health and found that I would get lost in the sea of information available. Thank you.” said one of the participants in the session.


Another participant delightfully commented, “I finally got my anti-stigma weapon. Which is letting go and laugh more.”


Through the event, Nilai Medical aspires to provide a safe platform for these bright minds to reach out to us and access the mental care that they need. Together with our partners, we hope that our audiences have taken the opportunity to learn to be more attentive towards their overall well-being. Huge shout out to our gift bag sponsors – Tanamera, Appeton, Sothys and Dentist Hub for their generosity.