Pyschiatric Clinic

Mental health matters

World Health Organization (WHO) definition of health: The complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. In Malaysia common psychiatric problems relate to anxiety and depression, drugs and alcohol use causing dysfunction in domains of living. Many of these are due to stress, experience in the:
  • Short Term (Acute, for days or weeks)
  • Long Term (Chronic, for years)
  • From External Sources (outside of self)
Genetic or familial factors are also relevant in psychiatric conditions although not always significant in every person affected.


Personality traits are also important in predisposing towards psychiatric illnesses. Examples include:

  • Being excessively meticulous orderly controlling of family members or people at workplace
  •  Lacking confidence or dependent on others for personal decisions
  • Impatience easily feeling anger outburst
  • Keeping emotions bottled up
  •  Difficulty sharing problems with friends or family
  •  Feeling suspicious of intentions of family or friends without valid reasons
  • Belief in excessive self-importance or good looks.
Psychiatry Services:

General psychiatric services for adults needing consultation for issues relating to following:
  • Anxiety including Generalized anxiety, Posttraumatic Stress, Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Obsessive and Compulsive , Repetitive Behaviours and Thoughts
  • Depression
  • Sleep problems and disturbances during sleep
  • Excessive use  or dependence of sleeping pills , other drugs or alcohol
  • Psychologically induced physical disorders
  • Disturbances in thoughts, experiences or behaviour in self or family members or friends .
  • Marital issues giving rise to emotional difficulties
  • Personality issues giving rise to relationship problems, aggression and abuse, or work /educational difficulties.
  • Memory difficulties and resulting changes in behaviour
  • Stress related matters at work , home or university
  • Counselling for medication used in psychiatric conditions , psychosocial , education and others
Treatment may consist of :
  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling
  • Relaxation therapy and breathing techniques
  • Psychotropic medication

Operation Hours for Psychiatric Clinic:
  • Monday and Wednesday (by Appointment)
  • Saturday (9:00am-1:00pm)