Internal Medicine ,Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Internal Medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Physicians are specialists who apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of adults across the spectrum from health to complex illness.
Our specialists in internal medicine are qualified to provide comprehensive care, managing both acute or chronic common illnesses and complicated problems for adults and the elderly. These specialists have training in different subspecialties, such as cardiology and gastroenterology, as well as in aspects of emergency medical care and critical care.


Cardiovascular disease (Heart disease)
• Heart attack
• Cardiac arrthymia
• Congestive heart failure
• Hypertension

Digestive system and liver diseases
• Gastritis
• Peptic ulcer
• Jaundice
• Hepatitis
• Colon cancer
• Pancreatitis
• Choledocholithiasis (ERCP-New Service)
Endoscopy Procedure

Endocrine diseases
• Hyperlipidemia
• Diabetes mellitus Type 1 & 2
• Goiter
• Hyperthyroidism
• Hypothyroidism
• Gout

Nervous systems related disease
• Headache
• Migraine
• Vertigo

Respiratory diseases
• Asthma
• Pneumonia
• Tuberculosis (TB)

Infectious disease
• Cellulitis
• Dengue fever
• Malaria
• Meliodosis
• Leptospirosis