Visiting Hours

To ensure the safety and comfort of our hospitalized patients, visitors are advised to observe the below visiting hours

Ward 10:00am to 2:00pm,5.00pm-9.00pm
ICU 12.00pm to 2:00pm,6.00pm-8.00pm (only 2 visitors are allowed per time)


Room Rate

Deluxe Single Bedded Room
RM 220.00
  Premium Single Bedded Room
RM 280.00
  Standard Single Bedded Room
RM 180.00
Daycare Room 
RM 60.00 - RM 100.00
  Two Bedded Room
RM 150.00
  Four Bedded Room
RM 100.00
Single Bedded Post Natal Room
RM 200.00
RM 60.00
  Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
RM 430.00
Radio Iodine Room
RM 260.00