Patient Story 1

"Sometimes in January, I have started to feel pain in my breast. I did self examination and it was found that there are hard lumps in both of my breast. Feeling uncertain about the situation, I went to see a doctor and undergo ultrasound which radiologist at that time Dr Joharudin confirmed that it was Fibroadenoma.

Surgeon Dr Zubaidah gave me two options whether to proceed with the operation or let it be. But the risk is that the lump could grow and become bigger if I do not do anything. I may have also to do biopsy every year. I immediately choose to proceed with the operation. The operation finally was done on 2nd February 2013 under Surgeon Dr Tikfu Gee and it went success without any complication. Now I feel more better and no more pain.

I know NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre]  when my cousin was admitted here. I prefer to have treatment here as it near to my home. I really thanked to all the doctors and staff of NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre]. They are very nice and friendly.

I would advise to the patient or their relatives who experienced the same as me to go for check up and gain doctor's advice if you are feeling unsure about your condition.Go for the treatment as it will be the best for your health improvement and most importantly, discuss with your family or relatives about any disease you got as it offer support to you.

I find myself worthwhile coming to NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre] for the treatment."


Patient Story 2

  Patient Story 1 (2008)
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“Sometime in February this year, I was unable to pass urine and went to consult a urologist in Seberang Prai. After a thorough examination, I was told that I had Prostate Gland Cancer Stage T2c and was advised by the urologist to get radiotherapy treatment.

My daughter searched the internet looking for the latest information on Radiotherapy and found that NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre] in Nilai possessed an advanced medical equipment that can provide IMRT which has minimal side effects to patients due to its’ precision therapy.

I understand that my Prostate Cancer is at an early stage and will continue to grow within the organ. However, I know that with prompt treatment, the growth and spread of the cancer cells can be stopped. I strongly believe the [IMRT] treatment that has minimal side effects should be the preferred choice for cancer patients.

I am very grateful to all the doctors and staff of NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre]. They are very kind and helpful.

Although the IMRT treatment was costlier than conventional radiotherapy; consider that life and health is precious and it was worthwhile for me to travel from Kedah to NCI Hospital [now known as Nilai Medical Centre] for the treatment.”


Patient Story 3

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Dear Dr. R. Kananathan [Consultant Medical Oncologist],

My mum, Madam Lai Shee Man, rest in peace on the 6t1 September 2007. On- behalf of my late mum and my family, I am writing to express our deepest gratitude for your commitment in the care of my mum. I'd also like to take this opportunity to reflect the will of my late-mum in thanking you personally for the inner strength you have, somehow, instill in her that propels her in continuing to walk her final journey in life with quality and strength. She has always reminded us not to forget to thank you should a chance arise.

With the strengths you have instill in her, my mum walks her final journey, focusing her last-of-everyday on charitable deeds, including social work and consultation work involving the setting up of a Buddhist temple with Ven. Shi Zhao Liang in a little village where she grew up. The temple is now established and holding Sunday class for the younger.

Although we know there are more she wants to achieve in her life, the family is in agreement that our mum has achieved the most wished of her last wishes within the short span of time and rest peacefully ever after.

The journey we'd walk together with my mum for the past 1 year and 9 months has been an emotional and enduring one for the family. With many stories we've heard about chemotherapy, sometimes, we still find it difficult to comprehend why my mum is always eager and looking forward for the next chemo arrangement. Once again, we'd like to thank you for your compassionate and holistic approach in the caring of my mum, instilling in her the confidence and courage to walk the final journey of her life.

Thank you.

Lim Poh Hwa & Family
(Daughter of Late Madam Lai Shee Man)

We'd like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to:
Dr. G. Selvaratnam, Dr. R. Kananathan, Dr. Vijaya Lakshmi d/o C.M Sunderaj, Dr. Monika Bardhan and all other NCI [now known as Nilai Medical Centre] Staffs for creating a harmonious and holistic environment for cancer treatment. Truly, we never thought such a place exist before, in Malaysia. Congratulations.


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